Hayden James Introduces Melodic Single ‘On Your Own’

Hayden James On Your Own

Hayden James & Cassian – On Your Own (feat. Elderbrook)

Hayden James recently produced a melodic single with Cassian and Elderbrook. ‘On Your Own‘ qualifies for any festival dance floor with its house flow and it feels perfect to play out during a sunset set. The new tune is Hayden’s next single on his forthcoming LP LIFTED. Elderbrook provides soaring melodies that match Cassian and Hayden’s punchy synth lines to make a gripping dance track. Hayden is proud of the tune; here is what he said about it:

“This one feels like a true Hayden x Cassian x Elderbrook collab. It has huge energy and is a true dance floor feel.”

In addition to the newest piece on Hayden’s LP he is about to have a LIFTED tour. He’ll be traveling to places like Australia, Spain and all over North America; get tickets here. If you’re looking for more from Hayden James, visit his Facebook @haydenjamesartist and check out ‘On Your Own’ below.

Hayden James & Cassian – On Your Own (feat. Elderbrook)