DJs Are Speaking Out Against Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Over the last week, our world has seen one of the worst attacks on a sovereign democratic nation since World War II. Russian forces led by notorious autocrat Vladimir Putin unjustly invaded Ukraine and are trying to take hold of the country.

From the beginning of the brutal force, people all over have been speaking out and protesting this needless chaos. Some of those standing up for Ukraine are some of the biggest names around electronic music. Artists like Swedish House Mafia, The Chainsmokers, Jauz, Gareth Emery, Joseph Capriati, and Layton Giordani have all condemned the actions on Twitter (see below).

Right now, it’s unclear what will come of this invasion, but the effects have already started to impact everyone. As time rolls on, people may see energy prices rise, food/car industries damaged, global markets drop drastically, cyberattacks, and a massive refugee crisis (NPR).

In response to Russia’s criminal actions, the United States and its allies have imposed harsh sanctions upon the oppressive regime. Yet those effects are long-term and many are urging that a lot more needs to be done. And those sanctions could cause collateral damage to countries that rely heavily on Russia for trade (NPR).

Currently, all eyes are on the Russian invasion of Ukraine as they continue to fight for their freedom. Please keep an eye on your local news outlets for more developments.

Screenshot via Twitter @swedishousemfia