The Road to Reviver: Lane 8 Releases One More for Us

Joining the myriad of DJs and producers who have started off their year with a bang, Lane 8 has released his winter mixtape and announced that he will be performing at Coachella 2022. Going even further, he will be dropping his new album, Reviver, on January 21st. He promises that the album will be “sonically, the most dance floor focused album.” Fans are ready to hear how Lane 8 translates his signature ethereal, airy, nature vibes to the dance floor.

Lane 8 released Automatic as his final leadup to his new album. Automatic features Lane 8’s frequent collaborator, Solomon Grey (apart from Automatic, they produced Hot as You Want and Diamonds together). The soft and emotional vocal styling of Solomon Grey layered with Lane 8’s deep-house production style combines into an intimate but energetic song.  Automatic joins Nuclear Lethargy, What Have You Done To Me?, and the titular Reviver in the lead up of the heavily anticipated album.

Fans in the Denver area still have a chance to attend two of Lane 8’s release shows. In order to get tickets, fans will have to search the city for five mirrors marked with a QR code. Historically, Lane 8 shows have sold out quickly so fans should move fast if they are interested in seeing him live.