Hundreds Attend Illegal Castle Rave in Ireland

The Skryne Castle of County Meath was erected in 12th Century Ireland. Last Sunday the castle was repurposed as a venue for an illegal underground rave. Hundreds of people attended the event which purportedly featured a prominent DJ who has yet to be identified.

The owner had rented his castle out on AirBnb, not knowing that it would be used for such reasons. Ireland recently placed new Covid restrictions. Police made a head count of roughly 450 guests. They also found a large bar set up on the property, as well as many illicit drugs. 

The owner of the Castle Derek Iceton had this to stay on the matter: 

“I started to get calls about 9:PM on Sunday night to say the roads around Skryne were flooded with taxis and the people were pouring into the castle grounds. I contacted the guards before myself and the assistant farm manager, Ivan Clarke, went down immediately to see what was happening. To be honest, my priority was to make sure our livestock, primarily the horses were safe, I assumed the guards would deal with everything else – The first thing I saw when I went in was a number of huge, two-three metre canisters of nitrous oxide and also a massive bar that had everything from tequila to Cointreau for sale.”

Sounds like quite the party. Watch the video below posted to the Meath Chronicle to see the carnage of Skryne from the evening.