EDMTunes Chats with Wooddrowe

Recently we decided to sit down with up-and-coming artist Wooddrowe about his DJing, his producing, his Vegas residency, and more. Read on for the full interview.

EDMTunes: In Las Vegas, you have quite a history as a mover ‘n shaker under your DJ Hollywood alias. How’s the new Wooddrowe alias different?

Wooddrowe: It hasn’t been that much different on the business end of my company, but the production end has been really different and invigorating! It’s like I stepped into a whole new set of people. I love it!

EDMTunes: “Eat My Dust” is a really kick-ass, versatile, high-energy tune! Can you recall what your state-of-mind was like, during the writing and recording process of this track? We also really like “Waiting,” another great track. What inspired this one?

Wooddrowe: Lenny Ruckus, Uncle Frank and I were in Chris Cox’s lab discussing new track ideas, and the bassline just came to us. After we laid the track down, I felt like there was something missing. Vocals of some kind, but not melodic vocals. It needed something more like a comedic chant. We then linked-up with Cox’s daughter, Angelica Cox, for the vocals; she’s an animation voiceover artist and singer who’s on the music teams of hit animated shows, like, “Bob’s Burgers,” “Central Park,” and others. As for the track, “Waiting,” I was on-hold with an airline carrier, and as the ‘elevator music’ on-hold seeped through my ears and numbed my brain, the word ‘waiting’ kept repeating itself in my head. I was in a trance. When I was finally connected with an agent, I snapped-out of my daze to the word “now” jumbled in my head. I’m always thinking and writing music.

EDMTunes: As an artist and a producer, what were you gunning for with your E.P., One of One? Do you have a favorite track from the E.P. that you feel particularly defines the release?

Wooddrowe: There’s isn’t one track that defines the E.P. This is a collection of music, sounds, vibes and experiences over the last year that I put into song form. All of them are unique in their own way, telling a story translated from my soul.

EDMTunes: In general, what’s your creative process like, when composing a brand-new track from scratch? What’s your method?

Wooddrowe: I don’t have a process. I’m spontaneous in every sense of the word. Music comes to me every minute of the day and in many forms, attached to different emotions. The only thing that I try to do often are my own vocals. Rarely will you hear others’ vocals on my tracks. If I feel something, I make it. It’s that simple.

EDMTunes: Can you talk about your DJ residency at AREA15 in Vegas? What drew you to this venue as a home for your latest DJ residency?

Wooddrowe: I’ve had many residencies in my career, but AREA15 is a special space. It gives me the feeling of performing at a festival. My electro/EDM productions fit very well, there. The technical team is top-notch, and it’s a ‘must-see’ venue if you’re in Vegas. E11EVEN Miami is by far my favorite residency. It gives me the freedom of programming a multitude of genres. The place is electric!

EDMTunes: Are you programming your Miami DJ sets differently from how you’re playing your Vegas residency? What are some tracks that go over really well in Miami that maybe don’t go over so well in Vegas, and vice versa? Are there specific remixes you play a lot in Miami versus Vegas, and vice versa?

Wooddrowe: First of all, I play a ton of different tracks in each set. My sets at E11even are open-format. Here are a few songs that I program that are extremely effective, which are some of my Wooddrowe Weapon remixes.

1) Shouse, “Love Tonite” (Wooddrowe Weapon)
2) Tiesto, “The Business” (Wooddrowe Weapon)
3) Joel Cory, “Bed” (Wooddrowe Weapon)
4) Elton John & Dua Lipa, “Cold Heart” (Wooddrowe Weapon)
5) Wooddrowe, “Pump The Brakes”
6) Masked Wolf, “Astronaut In The Ocean” (Wooddrowe Weapon)

EDMTunes: What’s next for Wooddrowe?

Wooddrowe: Twenty twenty-two will be my biggest year, to date. My One of One E.P. release is definitely a great way to kick-off the new year! Stay tuned for more.

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