France Nightclubs Close Until Further Notice

Today, France decided to have its nightclubs remain closed until further notice. It’s not just France, it’s Germany, Portugal, and Northern Ireland as well. Even parts of northern Spain will be closing or imposing curfews on their nightlife. The country is installing tighter COVID19 restrictions due to the ongoing surge in Omicron cases across the European nations. Take a look at the list of current COVID rules applied prior to Christmas below.

  • Nightclubs closed for four weeks (now indefinitely until further notice)
  • More work from home encouraged but not enforced
  • People encouraged to limit gatherings
  • No limits imposed on bars, restaurants (now only carry out service)
  • Stricter rules in schools around masks and canteens (now masks mandated in crowded areas or city centers)
  • Over 65s can get booster without appointment

Currently, France had more than 100,000 new positive cases since Saturday, their highest record to date. So far, 25 cases of Omicron have been confirmed with its peak in January. No news on any New Year’s Eve curfews or restrictions but we will wait and see. Since Omicron transmits so rapidly, we’re seeing a lot of event cancellations. Prime Minister Jean Castex and Health Minister Olivier Véran originally stated earlier this month that “the virus is spreading throughout the country…but the situation is not the same as last year. This fifth wave requires measures of vigilance because the virus is circling at speed.”

Therefore, they’re calling for a few changes.

1) A collective effort on limiting social interactions at office parties and year-end holiday celebrations

2) Get vaccinated – children 5 to 11 can now get the vaccine

3) Work from home at least 2-3 days of the week

4) Level 3 response in schools beginning of the school year, with additional measures for physical and sporting activities

England is one of the few places with clubs staying open. No restrictions. So this could be the place to travel and celebrate at–with responsibility of course. We’ll follow more on this as it continues.