[LISTEN] Armin van Buuren’s Live At ASOT 1000 México City Set

Armin van Buuren uploaded his ASOT 1000 México City set on several streaming services one week after ASOT 1000 in Mexico. This is quite an epic way to remember a highly explosive and meaningful celebration for both the artist and his fans.

The trance events in Mexico are undoubtedly very magical. It comes from a combination of both the enormous warmth of the inhabitants of this country and their unconditional love for this genre. Each event where it involves the country is a memorable experience. A State Of Trance 1000 recently stopped there with a performance by Armin himself.

Armin van Buuren ASOT set

More than two hours full of tracks ranging from melodic techno to psytrance are part of this great performance. We can see songs full of feelings like ‘Tell Me Why’, classics like ‘Blah Blah Blah’, and various songs from techno remixes to legendary trance tracks – for example, ‘The Age Of Love’, on Charlotte de Witte‘s remix. Armin knows how to please the public on this side of the world, so his entire presentation can be summed up in a balance between the newest and what can most provoke feelings in all attendees.

This was part of an epic weekend for Armin, which culminated in a surprise performance at halftime of a Chicago Bulls game. You can listen to Armin van Buuren Live at ASOT 1000 México set below!