New Year’s is coming up and the UK is making that holiday one for adults and babies. That’s right, they’ve announced numerous raves for babies and toddlers. Big Fish Little Fish is the event company organizing the family-friendly parties to be held in Coventry, Edinburgh, and London. What’s more, is their music will feature house, techno, soul, disco, and funk spanning two days of events.

“Raving always came from the heart, a way to express a love of music and dancing with your friends. BFLF extends that across the generations so you can rave with your family too. It’s a celebration of life, love, unity, and music. Together on the dance floor.”

Big Fish Little Fish
Photo Credit: YouTube, LA Times

We’ve seen the Baby Bear Sensory videos becoming huge hits for comfort. But this idea seems quite like nothing before. The events will feature a multi-sensory dance floor for children. They’ll have bubbles, snow foam, and confetti cannons. Adults can indulge at the bars at the “Hog-Mini” events. Meanwhile, babies and toddlers can relish in the safe spaces with soft mats, cushions, and ball-pool. Tie all these events together with club lighting, visuals, and craft tables, and rave history is starting a whole new era. The saying “Start early” is now becoming a reality.

For those in the areas, the parties take place on December 30th and 31st. All parents and children between 0-8 can come. They run from 2 pm to 4 pm, so not necessarily a late-night party. But it seems like now even your little ones can enjoy the holiday just like you. Check out the list of baby raves here.

Source: DJ Mag