[WATCH] RÜFÜS DU SOL Perform ‘On My Knees’ For Jimmy Kimmel

RÜFÜS DU SOL’s newest album Surrender is out now and it’s showcasing everything they’ve got that we love. What’s more is they just appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to perform their hit ‘On My Knees‘ and left fans virtual and in-person exhilirated. As many know, the Australian trio always perform with stunning live instrumentals, vocals, and lights. They’ve explored many different landscapes to cast the perfect vibe. This talk show appearance was no exception.

There they stand, with red lights flashing as the song starts. The production value fits perfectly with the tone of the track. It’s a deeper tone for them, but it works and the public wants more. You know that whenever Tyrone sings, chills flutter down your spine, smiles run from ear to ear, and hearts melt. Watching James rock out on the drum pads and keyboard are always a wholesome sight to see. As you listen to the beautiful melody played by Jon, nothing else matters in this moment. They’ve made it from festival to TV. Their pristine electronic music production coming in full force. They’re closing out the year with a variety of shows ranging from the Banc of California Stadium, Golden Gate Park for Outside Lands, the Fox Theater in Oakland, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

Have they made your year? They’ve surely made ours, as they continue to carve their unique niche of music, style, and sound in this world. For a rock band in the electronic music industry, they WORK. Their technology integrated with production is ambitious, exciting, and always fresh. That quality is their quality, distinctive and infectious. We’re happy to see them gain even more traction!

ICYMI: Don’t forget to stream their new album Surrender here. Want to relive the magical TV moment? Watch the trio play ‘On My Knees’ again below.