Terminal V Festival Cancels Due to COVID-19 Concerns

Music festivals are slowly pushing their way back to normalcy, but not every festival is taking the risk. Due to COVID-19 concerns, Terminal V Festival is now joining the long list of 2021 festival cancellations.

According to a statement made by Terminal V, organizers met with local officials and partners about the event to discuss concerns. Due to extreme pressure being faced by the NHS, decision-makers believe it is not safe to hold the festival this year. As a result, organizers have no choice but to postpone for the upcoming year.

Terminal V Festival is known to be the biggest indoor music festival in the UK. Therefore, due to its large size and capacity, it is considered higher-risk than any other event in Scotland.

Organizers expect to hold the next festival sometime around Easter 2022. According to the statement, it is planned to be the biggest Terminal V ever.

Current ticketholders will receive an email with further details about their passes.

Although the festival will not take place this year, organizers have been permitted to host a series of small events during the November 12 weekend. Priority tickets for the event are being made available for festival ticketholders.

Stay tuned for more details on the shows and updates on Terminal V Festival 2022.