Echonomist Drops New Single ‘Panic Attack’

Greek electronic music legend Echonomist is back with ‘Panic Attack‘. It’s a new collaboration with Israeli artist Jenia Tarsol. This new single is hard-hitting, unique, and full of energy. It features a vast mix of sounds, making every second of the nearly seven-minute track entertaining. ‘Panic Attack’ starts out with speedy synths and an energetic beat that sets the tone for the rest of the song.

As everything progresses, the synths and the track’s overall sound becomes more abrupt. Echonomist and Jenia Tarsol expertly manage to capture the feeling of intensity and juxtapose it to calmer elements. It makes for a unique and enjoyable sensory experience. Harder synths blend in with airy vocals and gentle percussion. It is this mix of calm and chaotic that makes ‘Panic Attack’ a refreshing new release, and one worth checking out.

In conjunction to ‘Panic Attack,’ Echonomist and Jenia Tarsol also recently collaborated on two other tracks: ‘Do You See It Yet?’ and ‘Purple Skyline’. You can listen to all three tracks below!