Swedish House Mafia and IKEA Partner Up For New Collection

We all thought we were getting the SHM x The Weeknd collaboration today, but the trio is back to their old ways. Swedish House Mafia fans will soon have the opportunity to deck out their homes with exclusive furniture by the group. The Swedes are partnering with furniture outlet IKEA to create a collection emphasizing on music creativity in the home.

IKEA released a statement on the project, sharing how music plays a role in a home setting. They set the lens not only in the eyes of a music producer but music enthusiasts as well.

“More and more people are making music at home, and for many music lovers’ home is often the place where they start to explore their creativity. The challenge is that a home is often built and designed to match totally different needs than the ones you have as a music fan or creator. “

The renowned furniture brand states their aim for the collection is to help creativity bloom. Therefore, they chose to team up with Swedish House Mafia due to their strong knowledge and success in music production.

“We are very excited and happy to announce the collaboration with Swedish House Mafia,” said James Futcher, Product Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden. “With their solid expertise in music production, we hope to be able together to democratize creativity and music production so that even more people can be more creative at home.”

Swedish House Mafia Announces the IKEA Collection

Swedish House Mafia made an announcement on social media about the partnership. The post reminisces back to a time when the group was starting out on their musical journey. They share their own experience when it comes to grappling with limitations and creating an effective music production setup.

“Today we still know the challenges and understand the importance of a decent home set up. Therefore, we strongly felt a need to collaborate with a producer who shares our vision in music production and making it possible for anyone to make music in their homes. We really believe that you should be able to combine good quality and design that is affordable and accessible – and IKEA checked all those boxes.”

The Swedes gave fans a teaser on what they can expect from the collection.

“The collection consists of products designed to make it easier and more welcoming to get into a creative flow in your own home. The design supports creating, playing, enjoying and even just setting the mood.”

“We took everything we wanted and added it all together,” the group continues. “The next step was to carefully remove anything unnecessary, leaving us with only the necessities in a minimalistic and practical form. The design in our collection features a timeless theme with a distinct trace of our DNA, which will make the products fit in any home whilst still standing out by themselves.”

Music producers, fans, and homeowners alike will be able to purchase pieces from the collection sometime in September 2022. Check out the full collaboration video below.

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