Gaming Music Phenom, TheFatRat, Releases Brand New “Parallax” Album

Iconic gaming music legend TheFatRat has released his highly anticipated debut album PARALLAX as well as its final single, “Let Love Win.” This amazingly unique single features vocals from a longtime collaborator, Juno award-winning and platinum-selling singer/songwriter Anjulie, well known for collaborations with Lady Gaga, Diplo, Nicki Minaj, Zedd, and many more. “Let Love Win” is the tenth and final song from “PARALLAX

Let Love Win is a really unique song which features the Chinese plucked string instrument, the Guzheng, which can be heard throughout the beginning of the song. It also includes a string ensemble and retro synthesizers that showcase TheFatRat’s artistic direction along with an uplifting message.The characters mentioned in the song find out they have battled with each other in the past plus the pain along with love that comes with this realization. It highlights how sometimes we fight against people we love, and that being kind and bringing love is better than hate.

TheFatRat said about the making of the PARALLAX album, “I have been collecting hundreds of instrumental track ideas over several years and used the last nine months to take the best ones and polish them. Then I invited some of my favorite singers and writers like Anjulie, Cecilia Gault and Riell for sessions. Due to the pandemic, it wasn’t possible to fly them to Germany, so me and my family traveled to Dubai and asked them to join us. It was great to live in one place because it’s less pressure when you write. Usually in a session I often feel like I have to finish a song 100% right away because once the session is over, it’s not that easy to get back into the studio with the writer or singer. But since we were living in the same house for weeks it was way more relaxed. We could switch back and forth between songs and rewrite ideas the next day.”

Well known for his music being used for many widely popular video games such as Dota 2 and Rocket League, German producer TheFatRat is the flagship musician for video games, tech and gaming culture. As well as, the go-to for various Esports brands like ESL and Dreamhack. Every song in the PARALLAX album is free to use on social media for creators. The source material will be made public, true to TheFatRat’s tradition of freely releasing his songs. The stems will be made available as well. This progressive and forward-thinking attitude is to help and inspire many of the dedicated content creators as well as empower their passionate projects. You can find the PARALLAX album here on all digital streaming platforms HERE.