DJ Snake And Hublot Team Up To Release The Colorful and Expensive “Big Bang” Watch

If we agree on one thing, it is that electronic music lovers and luxury watch collectors have different tastes, or so we think. First, Steve Aoki launches a special watch for raves. Now, DJ Snake collaborates with Hublot to launch a very expensive and luxurious watch. DJ Snake Big Bang doesn’t have enough elements to be in a festival, but it has characteristics that make it a valuable piece.

The first time that DJ Snake was an ambassador for the brand was in 2018, as part of the celebration of the soccer world cup in Russia. For him, watches go beyond being a simple accessory, as he rather sees them as a powerful style statement and as the finishing touch to any outfit.

DJ Snake turns everything he touches to gold. We are thrilled to have to channel his outstanding creativity into this new limited edition piece. The result is truly multifaceted, just like DJ Snake’s talents.”

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

Dj Snake Big Bang characteristics

Dj Snake Big Bang

The watch has a titanium case that changes color every time it moves and receives light from different angles due to its diamond cut. The influence of the style of the DJ and producer is in the selection of colors, very contrasting and extravagant, like his own personality. In addition, the figure’s case back also boasts a colorful sparkle with sapphire crystals. While the words “limited edition” are on the case, so no one ever forgets that there are only 100 pieces of this exclusive watch in all the planet.

“To be able to wear – and also offer my fans – a watch which reflects my personality is something that has been very important to me since the start of my partnership with Hublot. I am delighted to have been able to combine my inspiration with the expertise of the fantastic watchmakers and technicians at this Swiss brand.

Dj Snake

Also features a sapphire dial, the silver metal counters on the model contrast strikingly with a concept map of the planet. In gradients of blue and purple that are sure to have you spending a long time admiring every detail. Collectors and watch enthusiasts can purchase the exclusive Big Bang DJ Snake (one of the most desired watches of this 2021), for $26,200 at