In need of new music? Look no further than Cosmic Gate’s newest release. ‘Vertigo‘ is talent, suspense, and brilliance, all wrapped into one four-minute track.

The song starts off upbeat, with quick, clipped synths and airy vocals that echo off into the distance. It’s once the intro synths fade away that the suspense takes over.

There’s a brief pause before the whole soundscape changes. Moody, elongated synths slowly creep in, expertly building as the track progresses. ‘Vertigo‘ becomes suspenseful and mysterious. The synths grow in intensity, shifting the entire vibe and ambiance in an unforgettable way.

Vocals and a quick beat emerge later on to back the new synths, but ultimately, Cosmic Gate created a track that keeps us on our toes and is worth listening to on repeat. ‘Vertigo’ is not only a great track – it is refreshingly different to Cosmic Gate’s typical sound. The duo released a lot of music this year, including an album. But ‘Vertigo’ is different, in an exciting way.

You can listen to the new Cosmic Gate release below!