Splash House Makes Its Long Awaited Return To The Palm Springs Musical Oasis

Splash House Weekend 2, 2021

A couple of times a year, something magical happens in the oasis in the desert known as Palm Springs. That magical something, is none other than the highly-coveted weekender known as Splash House. This past June, we shared with you the news that Splash House was set to make its long-awaited return to the trifecta of Palm Springs hotels. These hotels are none other than the Renaissance HotelMargaritaville Resort, and Saguaro Palm Springs, respectively. Over the course of two weekends this past month, running from  August 13-15 and August 20-22, Splash House took over the the entirety of Palm Springs for pure musical debauchery. If you’ve ever attended, I’m sure you know just what I’m talking about. If not, continue reading for a review of the months events.

Splash House Weekend 1, 2021 Photo Credit: Mallory Turner

Splash House Lineup

The lineup for Splash House was out of this world. It featured a little bit of everything ranging from the future bass stylings of San Holo, to the deep-progressive-techy soundscapes of Camelphat. If that alone wasn’t enough to hook you, weekend one featured heavy hitters such as Sonny Fodera, Gorgon City, Bob Moses, Cassian, SG Lewis, and even Surf Mesa.

On the other hand, weekend two saw The Brothers Macklovitch, Cloonee, Vincent, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and even Luttrell. In addition, Hot Since 82 came in as a last-minute replacement for the melodic techno/house king Yotto. It was one of those ‘you had to be there’ weekends, and boy, was I happy to be there.

The lineup was split between three distinct different parties, each taking place at their respective hotels/pools. It was what I consider to be a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ weekend. One that I keep reliving over, and over in my head.

After Hours Lineup

In typical Splash House Fashion, they held special ‘After Hourssets at the Palm Springs Air Museum. These sets ran from 9PM-2AM on both Friday and Saturday. The special guests weren’t on the regular lineup, which made them all the more special. This year, we were graced with performances from Jamie Jones, OPTION4, and BONES b2b Lee Wells on Friday. Saturday saw MK headline, as well as sets from Cloonee, and Abana.


If you’ve yet to experience the magic that is Splash House, I highly recommend that you do. This yea’rs event was just as fun as any other that I have been to, if not better. I say this as both editions seemed to be more spacious, if I could even call it that. In the past, I’ve arrived at the various venues, and been forced to wait in lines as the pool / party areas were at full capacity. While this year’s event still saw the pools filled to the brim with party-goers, there was no waiting in line to my amazement.

With that said, the shuttles running between the Renaissance Hotel, Margaritaville Resort, and Saguaro Palm Springs all seemed to move rather quickly. Not once did I find myself waiting longer than 15 minutes to board, with each individual ride lasting even shorter than that. If this is any indication of what we can expect in 2022, I for one, cannot wait.

Splash House 2021

Photo Credit: Mallory Turner

With both the weekend one and two editions of Splash House now behind us, we now look to the future. In 2020, Splash House was supposed to be three weekends. While 2021 only delivered a double weekend event, we can only hope that 2022 brings us the highly sought-after triple weekend event. If you’ve ever been to Splash House, I’m positive you can attest to how amazing it is. With that said, while two-weekends are amazing, three, might just be perfection.

Photo Credit: Julian Bajsel

In conclusion, if you have any inkling of wanting to attend, I’m sure that that desire will only grow. Having said that, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all Splash House by following their official website here, or follow the links below. For all things Splash House, check out their Link Tree, here.

Splash House is expected to return in 2022, with that being said, see you there.

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