Rocket League Streamer Athena Collabs With smle On ‘Eternal’ via Monstercat

Leading Rocket League female streamer Athena embarks on her first musical charge into the electronic scene through the release of ‘Eternal‘ alongside smle on Monstercat. Within, her vocal and smle’s production converge into a powerful and driving melodic track. This is as of now, Rocket League’s main menu track, marking the first time a streamer plays a pivotal role within the soundtrack of a game. Speaking on the release, the streamer exclaimed:

“Creating ‘Eternal’ will forever be a pivotal moment in my life. Music has always been a huge passion of mine, and to be able to create something that has never been done before is unforgettable. I hope everyone can feel how much heart we have put into this song. Get excited for more future releases!”


In addition to the track release, it came with an accompanying music video that evokes Mad Max portraying a race. This successfully alludes to Rocket League as a game overall, all while managing to impress on the visual and sonic front.

Finally, listen to the new Rocket League main menu music by Athena and smle collaborating, ‘Eternal’, on Monstercat below!