Ravenscoon Makes His Debut On Wakaan Through The ‘Revolve EP’

Bass producer Ravenscoon took to unveiling his 4-track EP, Revolve, marking his debut on the Liquid Stranger owned imprint, Wakaan. 4-track body of work is built with the keen intention of igniting the dance floor into bass madness. As many artists respectively introspect on their lockdown experiences in which the world came to a halt, others looked toward the day shows come back, and we’re together again. In this case, we get just that, with Ravenscoon producing the pumping bass tracks to hear in the right setting.

Overall, the producer did the EP by himself, only featuring one collaboration on ‘Blessings‘ alongside Viskus. In addition, we can clearly hear how Ravenscoon develops his sound over time, as this body stands out among releases.

“My collaboration with Viskus rounds off the EP with a more melodic tone, which Ravenscoon has been popularized for. We joked that this is our ‘confetti blast song,’ and it is a feel-good way to round out some of the heavier work on this EP.”


Finally, listen to Ravenscoon make his debut on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint on the Revolve EP below.