Since the early YouTube days where Monstercat kicked off, the label has been at the forefront of budding electronic music. The leading independent imprint now celebrates its 10 year anniversary, starting off with a nostalgic 16-track album. Notably, the anniversary compilation includes artists from their three brands which are Uncaged, Instinct, and Silk.

Throughout, it explores the sounds that evidently shaped Monstercat’s history of immense and creative output. Moreover, some of the artists included are fan-favorites, and while their songs were made in the last decade, they were never officially released. Nonetheless, listeners can truly go down a nostalgia rabbit hole seeing as how each song takes us back to its year.

In addition, Monstercat CEO Mike Darlington spoke on hitting the 10 year milestone.

“It’s almost surreal celebrating 10 years of Monstercat today. The last decade has been an incredible journey – from our humble beginnings as a Canadian start-up, to supporting over 1,000 artists worldwide. I’m proud of our team for constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating a sustainable platform for artists to thrive.”

Mike Darlington

That’s not all in terms of what Monstercat has up their sleeve, as they’re celebrating in a rather big manner. For one, they partnered up with Canadian company Animism studios to pioneer the first record label 3D influencer. In addition, they’re featuring a packed-up Livestream on July 3, hosting artists within their roster from all around the globe. Finally, you can catch that stream through the link provided here.