GRiZ Presents New Psychedelic Album, ‘Rainbow Brain’

GRiZ is giving us a mind-bending 23 track album called Rainbow Brain. Inside, You have songs consisting of GRiZ’s juicy saxophone and funky dubstep drum grooves. There are also featured artists like Big Gigantic & ProbCause in ‘Daily Routine‘, Jantsen in ‘Burn Up the Floor‘, and Cherub in ‘Gold‘. We can’t forget GRiZ’s favorite vocalist and good friend Chrishira Perrier too, holding the line on 2 of the new bangers. These 23 new tracks don’t stray too far away from GRiZ’s norm but they pack a new punch. A punch that festivals across the country are not ready for. GRiZ is known for releasing tracks that make their way into every single DJ set at every festival for only the best reasons.

Lets Dive a Little Deeper into ‘Rainbow Brain’

The new album tracklist is set up like a story starting at the #1 track ‘C h r o m e s t h e s i a‘ then playing through multiple masterpieces with small interludes ranging from 13 seconds to a little over a minute throughout. GRiZ even refers to the album as a “puzzle” according to a recent Instagram post. In addition, a “fully journey album” is another term he uses in his description. Each and every track holds meaning or a message from the artist himself.

Did I mention GRiZ created a movie titled Rainbow Brain the Movie for the album? On a live stream and now fully uploaded on Youtube, GRiZ with the help of his production crew created a 4k Rainbow Brain visual journey. Inside, You have GRiZ himself on a circular stage surrounded by a light show and different LED props. The funk and dubstep DJ does what he does best and that is shredding the CDJ’s in one hand and the saxophone in the other. The 55-minute movie not only features GRiZ live but also brings on different featured artists to share the show. If you have trouble following the journey the album promotes, GRiZ has you covered in this album video recap. Stream here.

Album Art

I can’t finish this article without talking about this one-of-a-kind album art. If you haven’t seen it yet, I saved you a trip. According to the producer’s Instagram post regarding his artwork:

“This was created by the wonderful @blunt_action 💜✨ a vision of a dmt experience I had in Chicago years ago.”

A beautiful collaboration between two artists and a DMT trip makes for some pretty impressive art, I’d say.

‘Rainbow Brain’ Merch Drop

Rainbow Brain will have its own merchandise that’s dropped on Wednesday, July 28th. This will include jerseys, shorts, sports bras, bucket hats, and full outfits. If you need new festival gear or something to rock GRiZ’s psychedelic style, then head over to his website. Be quick, GRiZ’s merchandise is very popular amongst us EDM lovers.

Also, If you would like to stream Rainbow Brain, you can do so below.