Finally: A Disco Ball Emoji is Coming

Ah yes, the disco ball — the sacred symbol of all things dance and music. It has been mysteriously absent from the library of emojis for too long. Well, not anymore! It will be one of the many new emojis available to your phone by early 2022.

It goes to show that if you speak, there are those that will listen. This development follows a petition signed in 2019 for the inclusion of the disco ball. The ‘mirror ball emoji’ made the cut, and it was added to ‘Unicode 14.0’ for Emojipedia. The Emoji conglomerate released a tweet showing the disco ball among other welcomed potential additions to the emoji database: including a bitten lip, a pregnant man, and the great fighter of the evil eye: the hamsa. 

The mirror ball comes as a welcome gift, as it has been on the back burner for too long. This is a great win for all those who love to disco, who love dance, and who are always ready to boogie down. We are ALL CAPS EXCITED FOR THIS ONE.