CloudNone Reveals ‘Last Train Home’ EP Via Monstercat

Following up two singles, ‘Flashlight‘ and ‘Dizzy Lifted‘, CloudNone finally unveiled his full 6-track EP, Last Train Home. The body of work is out via Monstercat, the label that’s been bolstering up the producer’s work, also adding it into Rocket League.

“‘Last Train Home’ was a journey that I largely created through my personal Covid lockdown. As time progressed, what unfolded was a story of my wishful exploration back out into a world that I longed to be a part of again, and I hope that each and every listener will be drawn into that sense of adventure.”


One thing that immediately cuts through on Last Train Home is the producer’s sonic development and stylistic diversity. In this case, CloudNone embraced versatility, all while developing his own sound further without taking its essence away. Throughout, its entrancing and lush elements weave a soft and hopeful journey, sustaining a sense of curiosity and warmth.

In terms of landscape, the well-crafted EP easily goes hand-in-hand with late-night drives or a walk through vacant streets. Nonetheless, its playful essence gives it substance within any circumstance, providing much-needed comfort and coziness toward those seeking.

Listen to CloudNone take us on a journey evoking his wishful exploration post-lockdowns on Last Train Home via Monstercat below.