Tony Romera Released ‘VHS’, A Nostalgic Single Off His Forthcoming Album On Monstercat

Tony Romera takes us down a warm and nostalgic rabbit hole through his latest release, aptly titled ‘VHS‘. Marking the first single off his forthcoming debut album, arriving by way of Monstercat this year.

Accompanying the song itself comes a music video that’s quite personalized and showcases the track’s heart. Throughout, it’s formed by stitching together VHS tapes of his youth that he received from his Grandmother. It’s clearly a sincere ode and expressive piece from Tony on both familial and musical ends.

“This track comes from my heart. I had so many childhood memories when I wrote it and I wanted to give it that nostalgic but also hopeful vibe. I just imagine myself driving, watching a sick sunset by the sea or watching childhood VHS cassettes with my family. That’s what this track is made for.”

Tony Romera – press release

‘VHS’ snaps into action through thumping kicks and moving hi-hats forming an infectious rhythm. Moreover, the artist’s synth-work breads a rich and deep soundscape bringing a tinge of melancholy. However, given the overall concept, other than being heart-warming, the track is gracious with its lightweight feel. Hope and nostalgia intertwine to bring us an extension of Tony’s background, passion, and emotive production.

Listen to Tony Romera unveil the lead single ‘VHS’ off his forthcoming album this year on Monstercat below.