The Next iPhone Will Probably Be The 12S With Barely Any Changes

Apple is not making this year’s iPhone model the 13. With the stigma around the number, they’re making it an S year. So discard all the rumors previously covered months ago. Research firm Trendforce states Apple is not making drastic new changes to the iPhone this year, and all the leaks have been wishful thinking.

There will not be a phone with 1 TB of storage, instead, it will remain the same options with 128, 256, and 512 GB for the Pro models. For the regular and mini models, the storage options range from 64, 128, and 256 GB. What’s more is that Apple is not bringing LiDAR to all new models, just the Pro line. Even though we heard of their plans to do so earlier this month, third-party developers won’t roll this out unless it’s available for all models. The scanner measures how long it takes light to reflect back from objects, creating a depth map of any space you’re in. How do you make use of this? I’m sure people have had fun with it. NASA is even developing LiDAR technology for Mars missions. Watch a full video on it here.

And so, the iPhone 12S should be coming soon, with the iPhone 14 potentially making its way out for next year. You wanted a smaller notch, so you’re getting it. In addition, 12S Pro models will have 120Hz ProMotion displays while all models get sensor-shift stabilization. There may even be a pink edition.

Maybe Apple will create an entirely new branding structure for its next edition. Tired of being stuck in the ecosystem? Well, someone’s got to keep inventing the new so that another doesn’t. We’ll stay tuned as we save our wallets.