SQUATCH & Coldwall Converse On The Release Of ‘Lost Boy’ ft. Moia Bri

SQUATCH team up with Coldwall to release their song ‘Lost Boy‘, and it features the vocalist Moia Bri. It’s a passionate combination of melodic elements in tandem with bass factors that leave much excitement.

Firstly, the future-bass touch is fused alongside heavy sonic production in order to form a unique combination. While the track retain common elements familiar to listeners, they’re filtered through the producer’s taste. Nonetheless, Moia Bri’s vocal efforts form a distinct body, immediately capturing us via the delivery on the song.

his uplifting and trap combination leaves a mark with a shimmering tone that’s unforgettable. With that in mind, both producers certainly share an overlap, but their combination forms a distinct melodic bass collaboration.

Listen to SQUATCH and Coldwall bring us their collaborative piece, ‘Lost Boy’ featuring Moia Bri, below.