Oliver Heldens released 26 original tracks and remixes in 2021 to date, and is back yet again with ‘Ma Luv’. This Heldeep Records release features Italian DJ and producer MorganJ. It’s lively and techno-heavy from the very start. Moreover, synths crescendo in and out while MorganJ’s vocal tones expertly blend into the track. Ultimately, it’s a perfect combination of Oliver’s classic sound and MorganJ’s intensity, all in one single track.

Oliver Heldens also shared his excitement about the track on his social media platforms, stating that he will “see you on a dancefloor again very soon.”

‘Ma Luv’ is a testament to the talent of Oliver Heldens and it’s also a solid collaboration with MorganJ. Additionally, it’s perfect for the club, especially as many venues start to open up. Heldens will be playing live in London at Printworks on September 25!

You can listen to the new Heldeep records release below. You can also get more info about the Printworks show in London by clicking here.