If summer could be captured in a song, Kaskade just mastered it with his latest track, ‘New James Dean.‘ Featuring vocals by Tishmal, the song evokes soulful, yet laid-back sentiments via its slow and groovy melody. With lyrics like ‘Color of the sky with me / Something that you’d never see / You make everything, everything right,’ he transports listeners on a summer drive under sunset skies and warm salty air.

This a road trip track you’ll want to roll your windows down for. Check it out below.

Kaskade – New James Dean

A few weeks ago, Kaskade dropped ‘Where Did You Go,‘ the first single off his upcoming Redux 005 EP, the fifth installment of the beloved series he launched a few years back. ‘New James Dean’ marks the second single off Redux 005. But, we have yet to learn details of a release date. The Redux series has become a staple over the years, housing some of Kaskade’s biggest tracks. These tracks include 2019’s ‘Fun’ and ‘On Your Mind’ (Redux 003) and 2020’s ‘Love Like That’ (Redux 004).

Kaskade has a busy summer of gigs ahead of him, including booked spots at Global in Colorado, Blended Festival in Tennessee, North Coast Music Festival in Illinois, Electric Zoo in New York, and Imagine Music Festival in Georgia.

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