EDM Themed Burger Joint Opens in Ibiza

Clubbing fans in San Antonio, Ibiza will be very happy with the debut of an EDM-themed gourmet burger restaurant. IBEEFA Burger offers a huge variety of products with many references to artists of the scene.

There is room for everyone at IBEEFA Burger as it also offers some products for vegan and vegetarian clients. Although the burger joint opened last month, it’s already a smash hit. On top of that, they expect that the UK will finally allow its residents to travel to Ibiza again soon. That should send a flood of hungry dance music fans.


As you can see in the photos, the menu includes gags at a few artists of the scene. Amongst the options, you can find dishes like including the Joris Corn, Paris Stilton, Hot Mince 82, or wAFFles. If you have the opportunity of visiting the restaurant, make sure to grab a bite of the Camelfat, the local favorite. In addition to burgers, you can find some interesting sides on the menu. Nacheo Plex, Roni Fries or Tale of Hummus, or maybe even some Annie Mac and Cheese are also on this curious menu.

“In fact, people’s expectations of burgers have completely changed over the last decade or so, and we felt there should be something on the island to reflect this. Great music and the great food in an uplifting club atmosphere is what iBeefaBurger is all about,” he said.

Kai Cant, co-owner of IBEEFA Burger alongside Ashley Ienco

IBEEFA Burger Offers Way More Than Food

Despite the small size of the restaurant visitors will be able to enjoy live DJs with a set of decks staged amongst the dining area. IBEEFA Burger has every element designed to the detail in order to fit with the clubbing theme.

IBEEFA Burger did not miss the opportunity of creating an eating contest. The ‘Eats Everything Challenge’ will start very soon. Some lucky people will even receive ‘Black Cards’ which will allow a select group of VIP members to enjoy a lifetime free pass at the restaurant.


Ashley Ienco and Kai Cant, the man behind the ABODE brand, found a gap in the market and went for it. Although it is a difficult time to start a business, we wish them the best of luck.