Thomas Xavier Drops G-House Release, ‘Go To Church’ Via User Friendly

Thomas Xavier kicks off his 2021 year with the release of an EP that is titled ‘Go To Church‘, bringing us some g-house music. The 2 within the EP mark the title track, followed by ‘G&G‘, and they’re out now via the label User Friendly. Moreover, there’s a lot more to come from the producer this year, so keep your attention toward what he’s going to show us.

Kicking off, the deep bass and percussions take center alongside an acidic background synth line which the vocals evidently join. From there, it immediately jumps into a dancey beat while the bassline melodies rock the overall moving feel. When it comes down to the second half, ‘Go To Church’ takes things to a sound akin to the landscape of a warehouse through the thumping kick and resonant synth melody.

On the other hand, ‘G&G’ starts with a quieter approach, taking time to build up toward the infectious rhythm and pulsating leads. Throughout, the tracks are club-ready moving pieces of g-house, and act as a great introduction for Thomas Xavier.

Listen to Thomas Xavier deliver some g-house through the release of his ‘Go To Church’ EP which is out now via User Friendly below.