The BreakBomb Project & Ryan Violet Unveil ‘Drugs Don’t Work’ Via Overdrive

The BreakBomb Project pulls out all the stops alongside Ryan Violet to bring us ‘Drugs Don’t Work‘. The deep-house song with a pop and piano flair is out now via NYC-based label, Overdrive.

Firstly, the piano stabs and vocal chops carry the atmosphere awaiting Ryan’s vocal work which carries the bridge. From there, ‘Drugs Don’t Work’ builds up into a bass and groove led chorus with all the catchy making of deep house. Nonetheless, it progresses further by constantly changing up and shifting the production, and that makes it retain a refreshing touch even through many listens. Lastly, going into the final chorus, the song gets to its best, with the production taking guitar licks to heart giving further diversity and grabbing the listener.

Finally, listen to The BreakBomb Project come together with Ryan Violet on ‘Drugs Don’t Work’ via Overdrive below.