Shingo Nakamura and Stendahl Reunite Once More On ‘Tribute, Chapter III’ Via Monstercat

Shingo Nakamura and Stendahl finally come together yet again to give us the third iteration of their collaborative series. It’s out now via Monstercat Silk by the title of ‘Tribute, Chapter III‘, which will also mark the final chapter. While we’re sad to see it go, it brings things to a lovely and soft conclusion filled with beautiful melodies.

Stendahl had a few words to share about release:

“My first single ever released was “Tribute” with Shingo in 2014. I sent him a demo with beautiful piano melodies and he loved it. It was such a great start for my music career and now, six years later, we’re back with the final chapter! I’m super stoked to be back to Monstercat Silk and I hope this piece of art will be enjoyed by the entire Monstercat community!”

Stendahl – press release

Shingo Nakamura and Stendahl take us on a midnight journey through a shimmering city that brims with life. However, the sonic palette is rather introspective, calm, and self-aware. From the ardent piano notes, synth work, and comfortable groove, each individual element is audibly passionate. As a final sendoff, this chapter will continue to live on strong over the years, as each entry did before. We’re very keen on hearing what comes next from both talented artists and looking forward to what’s in store.

Listen to Shingo Nakamura and Stendahl converge yet again to deliver ‘Tribute, Chapter III’ via Monstercat below.