DJ Victor Calderone’s Miracle Pup, Tuco, Detects His Cancer Early

American DJ and producer Victor Calderone has been diagnosed with cancer. His handsome dog, Tuco, detected it early. At 54 years old, he announced the news on Monday from the emergency room. He wrote the following message on his Instagram:

“I never imagined the immense love I would develop for Tuco and how he would change my world as I know it. I was opposed to getting a dog for years while [son] Jivan and [wife] Athena campaigned hard to get one,” he continued. “Call it coincidence or divine intervention, but what I do know is this little guy came into my life for a reason. And although we rescued him, I believe he saved me.”

The phrase “We truly don’t deserve dogs” proves to strike again here. Calderone explained that his diagnosis is no life-threatening, as his furry friend Tuco caught it early. How? With a dog’s sense of smell that is 10,000 to 100,000 times more superior than a human, he detected the cancerous cells’ odor before it spread. Tuco triggered the symptom and awareness that allowed Victor to go to the emergency room. Another story about a miracle pup!

It’s always a roller coaster of emotion when something like this happens. Thank goodness he is back on the road to recovery. We’ve lost a lot of industry greats this way, but they always live on in our hearts. His wife, Athena, kindly wrote that she “tries to live life in the present and gently guides her mind away from what-ifs at every turn”. Their miracle pup discovered the greatest what-if that cannot be ignored and the couple is back home after some intense time. A loving partner and a loving furry best friend, Victor we wish you a speedy, safe, and healthy recovery.