Audien – Learn To Love Again

The American producer Audien is back with his first release in months. The last time Audien dropped a new single was in August 2020 with ‘Craving’. Today, the artist brings a new vibe with his new song ‘Learn To Love Again’. In fact, this song is not at the pace that he had us accustomed to. ‘Learn To Love Again’ is Future Bass oriented, but you can hear very well Audien’s personal touch that comes from a progressive house background. Altogether, the blend of genres makes the track enjoyable as much in your car as in a festival.

Since ‘Craving’, a collaboration with ARTY and Elle Duke, Audien has been pretty quiet aside from some Park’N’Rave concerts. He recognized it himself on his latest Instagram post: “after what felt like a decade, I’m finally releasing a new song on Friday”, he wrote. It obviously holds a lot of meaning to him. “It’s very special to me, about something we all go through. I can’t wait for you to hear it and feel it”.

‘Learn To Love Again’ is featured on Armada Music as of today. This is not the first time Audien releases a song on the label. Back in the day, he remixed one of Armin Van Buuren‘s classics, ‘This is What It Feels Like’.

You can now stream ‘Learn To Love Again’ on all platforms.