Amelie Lens Joins Forces With AIROD For ‘Join Us’

Amelie Lens and AIROD share ‘Join Us‘. This is the first preview of what will be their collaborative EP Ravers Heart, available on May 28 via Lenske Records. This promises to push the boundaries of techno, and only those hardest of sounds can feature in an illegal rave

‘Join Us’ come after their first collaboration on ‘Adrenaline‘ for Amelie Len’s Exhale Records Compilation last year. The Belgium acid and hard techno legend and French dynamo AIROD will release this a 4- track EP called Ravers Heart. ‘Join Us’ brings a combination of both powerful styles through the kicks and melodies.

Amelie lens AIROD Join Us

The track opens with a blistering kick drum and unrelenting snares. In addition, a 303 plagued with distorted industrial sounds drive the bassline into the more acidic sounds you can afford on such a track. The complementary trance sounds plus Amelie Lens’s voice give the track a spicy and mischievous touch.

Join Us‘ is a hard techno song with all the power that characterizes this style, ideal for dancing on an extremely dark night under the strobe lights of a clandestine rave. It is a kind of invitation to join that party where fun abounds to the rhythm of rave. In conclusion, it is clear the productions of these two fine techno musicians are the result of an incredible synergy.

AIROD & Amelie Lens – Join Us