7 Tracks You Shouldn’t Miss Out On (Part 2)

We dug through our submission page to highlight some tracks that you should definitely take the time to listen to! Thanks to all the incredibly talented artists who submitted and continue to do so, EDMTunes is bringing you a curated list. Our team is set on providing producers a platform to have their art showcased. This is part 2 of our ongoing series, so feel free to submit your own tracks through our portal here!

LYFTD – Give It To Ya

If you’re a fan of GRiZ or Big Gigantic, ‘Give It To Ya‘ is sure to impress with its grooves and funky production. LYFTD showcase their taste and flare through the snappy infectious drums, guitar licks, and synth stabs. With spring in full force and summer coming up, it leaves nothing to be desired. The bright and upbeat energy takes us by full force, throttling into energy bliss.

Nostalgix, Rose Motion – By Myself (Weston & Teston remix)

Weston & Teston take to reinventing Nostalgix and Rose Motion’s track, ‘By Myself‘, giving it a deeper thumping rhythm. Nonetheless, they retain the integrity of the vocal delivery while giving it a driving gritty bass. In addition, the movement throughout keeps us dancing, and the producers’ spin ups the energetic delivery. Such production shines greatly in apt spaces, and it would be more than welcome in club settings.

LODIS & Josh Rubin – Lifeline

LODIS & Josh Rubin took to creating a shimmering and softly-touched track through ‘Lifeline‘, with the emotivity amplified in the lyrical work. Kicking off, the guitar work along the pads wraps us up in a cozy feeling, and the silky vocals build upon that. As plucks enter going toward the build-up, the soundscape expands, leading us into an unforgettable melodic chorus. Onward, this pattern converges again in a welcome manner. Our ears will remain peeled on the artists, especially considering the sonic appeal in this track.

Saint Misha feat. Dani Doucette – On My Mind

Saint Misha takes a pop-laced vocal featuring Dani Doucette, underlying it with light plucks and dance stabs through ‘On My Mind‘. Going into the chorus it belts with powerful bass and rhythm, giving us a powerful house single. The confident vocal delivery works harmoniously with the production and both individuals bring their best on this track.

Austin Blau – Night City

On ‘Night City‘, Austin Blau channels his inner music score dedicated to having the original Cyberpunk board games in mind. Certainly, the producer handles that inspiration by delivering a futuristically inclined landscape in terms of both the artwork and music. It leaves a feeling of driving down a sci-fi street with the overall feeling of the world enveloping. On that front, this is delivered through the sweltering production that delves a touch of wave music, yet fundamentally reliant on crunchy bass with a ton of character to it. Simultaneously, Austin hones in on the sci-fi mystical pads and melodies which bring the whole project together, giving it an adventurous feel.

AKY – Jungle Terror (feat. Ragga Twins)

AKY brings us a group we’re quite familiar with, Ragga Twins, in order to deliver his track, ‘Jungle Terror‘. Its absolutely heavy mix and sound choices leave a looming sense of power and danger. Moreover, the performance by Ragga Twins amplifies that effect as to bring the theme of the track home. AKY brings the deep kicks in tandem with snappy sound design and sharp resonant bass notes on the drop, leaving a mark.

A.O.T – Game Time

A.O.T share a bass house track through the release of ‘Game Time‘, with the synths working alongside the vocals. Overall, the inspired sound is brimming with drive and power, as the drop shapes up an infectious tone. In addition, the trap rhythm in the second part of the track gives some interesting diversification to the production. It’s definitely one to hear out loud.

We’d like to take this time to thank everyone who submitted! Keep your eyes peeled on this series, as there’s a lot more to come, and many more artists to highlight.