Will.i.am Unveils New Face Masks with Noise-Canceling Audio

Will.i.am has unveiled a new tech-driven face mask. Pretty cool and futuristic in design, this face mask features a HEPA air filtration system, noise-canceling audio, and microphone capabilities. No longer will you have to wear headphones and a face mask, as it is all in one! Will.i.am first had the idea back in March 2020 while traveling on an airplane during the pandemic.

In a joint venture with Honeywell, the Xupermask will be available on April 8th for $299. It is quite a hefty price to protect yourself from Covid-19. But, if you have some sense of fashion and want to stand out in a crowd, this face mask is for you. The mask has three dual-speed fans and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. In addition to its sleek design, it also features LED glow daylights. Now at your first rave back after being away for over a year, you can pop when the sun goes down.

Will.i.am enlisted Jose Fernandez to help with the design. He has created costumes for films including The Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men United, and The Avengers. Will.i.am had this to say about the mask:

“Let’s make a mask for the traveler … because the masks that we have were never intended for daily use … not for people to interface with tech, headphones and phones. People take off their mask and the earbuds fall out.”

The mask comes in two sizes and two color schemes – white/gray/orange and black/black/orange. It is accompanied by a carrying case, a three-month supply of HEPA filters, ear tips, and a USB-C charging cable. If you are looking for an all-in-one face mask, this is for you!