Vintage & Morelli Teams Up With Arielle Maren On ‘Away’ Via Monstercat

Vintage & Morelli reunites with Arielle Maren on their new track, ‘Away‘, which marks the second single off their forthcoming album later this year on Monstercat. It’s out through the Silk department of the label that they recently acquired. The progressive track sees the artists at their best, giving us a burst of blissful and soaring energy. Moreover, it’s heavily imbued with an escapist soundscape, leaving great room for daydreaming.

“Away” speaks to those of us searching for an escape from our, sometimes, cruel or challenging reality and takes us to a better place. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can hear that in the breakdown all the way into the drop.”

Vintage & Morelli – press release

‘Away’ dominantly plays on playful grooves, a blipping melody, shimmering pianos, and powerful vocals. In addition, spacious pads overtake our senses, adhering to and furthering the feeling behind the production. Overall, it fits nicely into Monstercat Silk’s catalog and is a no-brainer to sign with its fusion between progressive, house, and trance. This leaves us in anticipation of what we’ll hear on the forthcoming album, and hopefully, the wait won’t be too long.

Lastly, listen to Vintage & Morelli collaborate alongside Arielle Maren to bring us ‘Away’ via Monstercat below.