German artist, Innellea, just released his It’s Us EP. It consists of three creative melodic techno tracks. His colorful and intricate rhythms have catapulted his name onto charts since 2019. Coming back through a pandemic, this is his fifth EP. He recently performed a Cercle show in India and now he gets to captivate his fans all over again.

Firstly, the title track ‘It’s Us‘ is a delicate yet immaculate track with complicated synths and rhythms. There is a sophisticated sound to it with that delicious sub-bass. It feels powerful in melody and slightly melancholic in sound, but that is the beauty of his unique sound. ‘Golden Fort‘ contains bone-chilling melodies and an eerie soundscape enticing you to listen more. Each time the 4/4 measures progress, different instrumentals enter for more depth. It keeps things interesting while you try to figure out where the piece is going. Once it drops, it brings you right back in from where you left off. Lastly, ‘Haveli‘ rounds out the EP, a six-and-a-half-minute piece that will hypnotize you into its percussive groove. Watch yourself go into a frenzy with the oscillating vocal in the background. Almost tribal, it then progresses into mau5 sounding synths for an auditory journey like no other.

Now, Innellea is a musical reinvention where he draws influence from melodic trends in electronic music. When Daniel left due to health reasons, Michi continued the project alone. His roots in techno give way to his abstract sound. His secret weapon is detailed rhythms. The proof is in his many productions on Afterlife. This EP follows Nautilus, Magnolia, The World Returns, and Vigilans. If you get a chance, catch him live. His unreleased tracks prove to be global hype, impulsive vibes, and a driving force to be reckoned with.

Listen to his latest EP below.

Innellea – It’s Us EP