E11even Miami Says Bring On The Bitcoin!

Cryptocurrency is on the rise and E11even Miami is making its mission to be the first major nightlife venue to accept several forms of it. They’re currently partnering with one of the largest crypto processing companies to implement the processing of purchases using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dogecoin, and more. This way, businesses don’t have to buy, own or manage crypto.

“Bringing services and amenities that cater to our cutting edge clientele is of uber importance (to us). [We’re] seeing an increasing trend of clients wanting to use their Cryptocurrency as a form of payment. We believe nightclubs allowing Bitcoin as payment will soon become a nightlife industry norm. [We’re] excited to be the ones paving the way.”

Gino LoPinto, operating partner of E11even Miami

Oh it’s going to be interesting all right. Cutting edge? Sure. A cashless check in and out in a post-pandemic world? It could work. Is it worth it? Who knows. E11even Miami is the heart of the city’s music and entertainment scene. Located in Downtown Miami, it is the world’s first and only 24/7 ultraclub. They opened their doors in 2014 and we’ve readily reported on their operations. Seems like they’ll do whatever it takes to bring back the South Florida nightlife to even more incredible and new heights. 

There has certainly been tremendous growth in the crypto market. This is just another plan in elevating guest experiences, according to CEO of E11even Miami, Dennis DeGori. Staying ahead of the curve and tech boom, crypto is here to stay and so is E11even. We’re sure the public cannot wait to get back to business with this nightlife staple.