7 Tracks You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

We dug through our submission page to highlight some tracks that you should definitely take the time to listen to! Thanks to all the incredibly talented artists who submitted and continue to do so, EDMTunes is bringing you a curated list. Our team is set on providing producers a platform to have their art showcased. Furthermore, this will be an ongoing series, so feel free to submit your own tracks through our portal here!

Without further-ado, let’s get started!

Lost Wolves & Glasscat – Hold On [Airwaves Music]

With an ardent and shimmering collaboration, Lost Wolves (Daniel Nguyen) and Glasscat come together to provide ‘Hold On‘. Notably, this marks the finale track off Lost Wolves’ debut EP which is titled Underneath The Waves. The artist merges elements from hard-hitting bass with trance and melodic components, and he’s sure to leave a mark. With that in mind, his debut EP is a passionate piece of work, and you can hear it in full on Spotify!

Friendzone & Nikademis – I Don’t Wanna Know (ft. Candace Sosa) [Space Yacht]

I Don’t Wanna Know‘ sees Friendzone and Nikademis do what they do best while featuring Candace Sosa. Through the track, they channel a well-crafted contrast between catchy pop melodies, infectious dance grooves, and heavy-sound design. Don’t cut your time short with this one, as it constantly progresses, bringing happily received surprises. Finally, the track saw its release on Space Yacht, and we all know to always expect quality output on their front.

Sebastian Park – My Love [HEXAGON]

Finding its way onto Don Diablo‘s imprint, HEXAGON, ‘My Love‘ brings Sebastian Park and his talents to the fold. It’s no wonder that it got signed when considering its anthemic and earworm nature. It takes bright and calming tones to give a comforting bed for the vocal delivery. We’ve had this one on repeat since the moment it hit our radar. When it comes to the climax, the synth melodies become enveloping alongside the tight and powerful kick. If this isn’t playing for you yet, get to it as the emotionally charged track is a hit.

Soundwaves & REZarin – Monster [Day Dose Of House]

If you’re into eerie and percussive house music, ‘Monster‘ by Soundwaves and REZarin will definitely hit the spot. It released via Day Dose Of House, and it takes the title to heart. However, the chorus brings the groovy bass to the forefront alongside the deep kick. In addition, the silky vocals amplify the mood, especially when taking the lyrics into account. Listen to it through House Nation below!

GAR, Guineve – Gatlinburg [Hands In The Air]

Take a trip down a serene soundscape through ‘Gatlinburg‘, the stark track by GAR and Guineve which released via Hands In The Air. From the first listen, we were captivated by this one, delivering a hypnotic and cozy mood through its synth-work. Throughout, the echoing vocal chops bring a further layer to the production which acts playfully. Furthermore, the relationship between the glossy melodies and percussion provides a wide field of sound, making this track ideal as a driving companion when hearing it out on the road or in the open air.

beverlyn – daydreaming

Another artist crafting immersive soundscapes is beverlyn with their track ‘daydreaming‘. In its heart, the song holds a remarkable sense of freedom which can only leave us with a smile. Marking it is a sultry vocal, sustaining a choppy melody while underlying pads play to them. Moreover, beverlyn’s production goes through motions, shifting the atmosphere and chords as it goes. Taking ‘daydreaming’ as an indication for the artist’s capabilities, we can’t wait to see what they deliver next.


Heading toward a groove-laden track, KRISS REEVE delivered on ‘Right Now‘ through the infectious beat. The producer wears their stylistic influences on a sleeve, taking notes from house and disco. Nonetheless, giving them individual flare with a sense of authenticity. This is portrayed through the track’s progression and sonic design, leaving us with a want to dance and move.

We’d like to take this time to thank everyone who submitted! Keep your eyes peeled on this series, as there’s a lot more to come, and many more artists to highlight.