[WATCH] A Very Cold, Yotto Set In Finland

Yotto finds him and a group of fellow Finnish climbing up a snowy hill to play. Armed with a generator, dj gear, and winter outfits, the group assembled their sensitive equipment to give us a technical marvel through ingenious DIY fashion. They literally dug a hole in the summit and fashioned a deck. You wouldn’t know that there were technical difficulties, frozen fingers, and drone mishaps. This brave expedition to give his fans what they want is another way for Yotto to get creative in a time of turmoil. 

Featured in his one hour and 24 minute set is unreleased tracks from his Odd One Out label. Secondly, he takes us on a long, melodic, tech-infused journey. From bouncy basslines to titillating synths and melodies, he conveys icy nights upon us. Thirdly, watch him take in the chilly air, pour himself some warm drinks, and continue rocking on. It’s a little hard to work with gloves on, but sometimes you have to during this kind of weather. Gaze at slow-moving, spectacular drone footage of the icy forests and mountain tops of Finland. Moreover, this white wonderland makes our winter in the States look like child’s play.


His set perfectly imbues the mood of his environment. The clouds covering the sun, overlooking the trees is such a vibe. I wish we could all be somewhere like that, in a world where there is no stress. Just nature and music–and some snowshoes–Yotto finishes his set strong. This label is perfect for him to let his darker side show, compared to his more deep house Anjunadeep side. We are here for it. 

Coming off some successful releases like ‘Buggy’ with Lane 8, his Rogue EP, ‘Amaru’, and ‘Tarantia’, 2021 is no exception to his career. We anticipate a lot more new music to come from this set.

Watch the lovely video of his Finland set from yesterday below. Enjoy!