Jeffrey Sutorius Loses Dash Berlin Name Permanently

The Dash Berlin project will officially come to its end as we know it, as Jeffrey Sutorius announces he will be releasing and performing under his real name. After years of battling legal issues, the trademark must be transferred to the former partners of the project.

Sutorius made the official announcement on Monday, March 29. He begins on a high note, mentioning his recent joyful experiences. He then goes on to explain the Dash Berlin name and his legal situation.

“As you may know by now, I have been having ongoing debates and several legal issues with my former partners in Dash Berlin over the past few years. That has always been really hard for me emotionally, but it felt as something worth fighting for.”

Sutorius was once the frontman of Dash Berlin. Initially, although many may not know, the music project consisted of two ghost producers. However, the face of the Dash Berlin name severed ties with the other members of the group, leading to a legal battle on the project’s trademark.

“Unfortunately, it has been sentenced last week that the Dash Berlin trademarks must be transferred to my former partners in Dash Berlin and that as of March 17th I cannot use the name Dash Belin, as I’ve done in the past 13 years, any longer.”


However, this is not the end of the renowned music producer’s career. He will be continuing his musical endeavors under his real name, JEFFREY SUTORIUS.

“… from today onwards, I will be performing, producing and releasing, exactly as you are used to, under my very own name, JEFFREY SUTORIUS, and no one will ever be able to take that name away from me.”

At the end of his statement, Sutorius mentions that he has much new music in store for fans that he hopes to share in a post-COVID world. For all new releases and news on the project, he encourages his fans to follow him on his new social media channels. He ends with a heart-warming message.

“For now, I would like to finish here by wishing my former partners all the best and by thanking all of you for your continuous loyalty, love and all the support that I have experienced throughout the year. We’ll soon be dancing together again!”

View the full statement below. Stay tuned on updates on the JEFFREY SUTORIUS project.