Genix – Dance It Out

Genix is showcasing his veteran status on Anjunabeats with an electrifying progressive house single titled ‘Dance It Out‘. He’s always shocked and awed us with his iconic classics like ‘Run’, ‘Arrival’ featuring Sunny Lax, and ‘All In’ with Fatum, Jaytech, and Judah. But now, he’s giving us a new kind of sound and it’s dynamite.

‘Dance It Out, is a modern twist on the 90s rave music that Damion grew up listening to. It starts off with a blaring bass line followed by traditional hi-hat combinations that build up with the melody. The 90s synths come in shortly after and sing the melody. Envision yourselves on the dance floor under strobing lights.

Follow this for a little while into the drop for a delightful ride into the rave. This isn’t the classic progressive trance sound we’re used to. But a more hard-hitting nostalgic feel back to the era that started it all. This will surely put some pep in your step. Houchen is an Anjuna mainstay with over a decade of experience. He continues to impress us as we’ve watched his sound evolve over the years.

“Over the past year, I’ve been listening to a lot of the old vinyl records that got me into dance music. Artists such as Underworld, Leftfield, The Prodigy, and The Chemical Brothers really made an imprint on me. I’ve always tried to stay true to the sounds that I love and use them in my productions. [So] I’ve been focusing on the particular sounds that made me fall in love with electronic music over 20 years ago. I have produced a LOT of music this last year. I’ve been trying to discover how those sounds made me feel, and incorporate that into my music of today.”


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