Daft Punk’s Creative Director Gives Hong Kong Nightclub A Futuristic Design

Daft Punk may have moved on, but their creative director Cédric Hervet is pursuing new things. Hervet served as the French duo’s creative for over 15 years. He designed their 2014 Grammys performance, for anyone that remembers. Now, he and his brother Nicolas head to Hong Kong to turn the Cassio Restaurant and Nightclub into an extraordinary place.

From HK’s news outlet, Tatler, they revealed that the redesign includes retro-futuristic elements of walnut wood, turquoise velvet, and hairline brass. Decked with sleek booths, tables, and a coveted VVIP table, HK is ready to get back to business. The Hervet Manufacturier used The Great Gatsby as their influence to turn the venue into an elegant place with a festive atmosphere.

Here Are The Details

It’s actually a really fitting and great inspiration to take from, as we roar back into live events. Both Cédric and Nicolas thought it could be interesting to create a bridge between the 1920s and today. What’s more is that the special table has a private, hidden bar where you access it with a one-time password. In addition to this, the Cassio holds three other bars where one is beneath a massive video art installation by Marco Brambilla.

For club owner Gilbert Yeung, there is much to be excited about. This is his first makeover since the club’s opening in 2016. His passion and commitment to premium nightlife and cuisine brought this wonderful Wyndham Street favorite to life. Guests can enjoy multiple genres of music from R&B, Disco, House, 80s, Latin, Salsa, a little bit of Reggae, and Deep/Tech House. With a notable decorator, we wonder what lineups they’ll be pulling this year.

We can’t wait to see this place in action, where everyone can enjoy groovy music and quality food. Yeung’s sense of intimacy is coupled with privately collected artworks from some of his favorite movies and musicians. The outdoor terrace is a vintage paradise.

“We’re not just a nightclub. We’re welcoming you to your second home where you can spend a whole evening having fun — starting with after-work drinks and tapas. If the mood is right, stay on to dance the night away.”

Gilbert Yeung, to Tatler
Now all I need is a Tron themed nightclub and I am set.