Visiting Ibiza May Be Possible This Summer With ‘Vaccine Passports’

Get ready for what could be the new travel norm; Vaccine passports.

Spain plans to require vaccine passports or travel certificates for those wanting to travel around the country and its outlying islands which include the; Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, and Ibiza.

Minister Reyes Maroto said this would allow for “an element of safe mobility and adopt common protocols that give travelers the confidence that they can travel safely.” She also stated that they “Already have safety protocols in place but we want to take another step to help restart travel as soon as the coronavirus situation allows for it.

If all goes well with Spain’s vaccine rollout they plan to allow the second semester of 2021 (summer) allows for travel and re-opening of the country to tourists and visitors.

Ushuaia in Ibiza

To put it into perspective, 80 millions tourists visit per year with the nightlife industry providing over 12% of the country’s GDP.

Here’s to hoping that things can rollout effectively and swiftly for everyone so that we may start getting back to some new-normal and enjoy the very things we’ve all been missing dearly during this incredibly difficult time.