UK Plans To Remove All Restrictions by July & Creamfields Is Ready

United Kingdom‘s Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared a very optimistic message this week with wonderful news for festivals like Creamfields.

He is confident about removing all Covid restrictions by June 21. If everything goes as planned, clubs, larger events, and the normal activity will resume. Although these measures are subject to review, UK’s government has a plan to bring large events back to life.

“Genuinely, because of the immense possibilities of the rollout, because science has given us this way of creating a shield around our population, we can really look at that 21 June date with some optimism. I’m very optimistic that we’ll be able to get there.”

Boris Johnson

After a hard season without festivals worldwide, Creamfields reacted very positively to this announcement. The festival released a statement letting fans know that they are gearing up for the party of the summer. Creamfields 2021 is on track to take place as scheduled.

Creamfields 2021 Already Revealed Its Lineup and Dates

When the COVID pandemic forced festivals to postpone the celebration of these events, Creamfields started planning its 2021 edition. With no time to waste, the organization released possible dates and a full line-up. Just in case the health situation allowed the celebration of the festival.

Creamfields 2021

If you missed the information regarding Creamfields 2021, make sure to check this article. Hopefully, vaccines and government plans will let festivals like Creamfields 2021 take place. Let’s act responsibly and do our part to bring festivals back.