NWYR Releases First Track Of 2021, ‘Shenron’

This might be one of the most exciting big room trance projects today. NWYR, W&W‘s alias, is back with their first track of 2021. The Dutch duo is back, and they’re ready to take over in 2021 with their signature sound. This one is titled ‘Shenron’, and it will definitely blow your mind.


Trance, progressive house, bigroom. You name it. W&W has a banger for the occasion. Their enveloping sounds and mega brasses continue to impress as they deliver amazing track after amazing track. As if that wasn’t good enough, their side project NWYR continues growing at a fast pace. This duo made up of Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst is still on top of their game.

‘Shenron’ is an anthem. There’s no other way to put it. Its strength, the energy, all contained to finally develop into a massive drop. NWYR has demonstrated it is ready to take on bigger challenges inside the trance realm, showing readiness to become a powerhouse. The track perfectly fuses their bigroom style with the essence of trance. As a result, this superb combination is a massive banger that should definitely take over the world of trance. There is no doubt NWYR is doing something right, and further recognition is inevitable.

Stream NWYR’s new track ‘Shenron’ below!