Silk Road Marketplace Explored in New Film

The dark web marketplace known as Silk Road is set to be explored in a new film. It’s out now in the US and coming out in the UK next month.

Silk Road was launched in February 2011, and it quickly became a reference to explain what you can find if you navigate the waters of the dark web. At the same time, it grew to sell illicit goods and services to more than 100,000 buyers. In November the US Government seized more than $1 billion worth of bitcoin connected to this site.

The story revolves around Ross Ulbricht, played by Nick Robinson, better known on the web as Dread Pirate Roberts. He creates one of the largest illegal drug sales sites in the world, while a DEA agent follows in his footsteps to tear down this site and arrest him.

Silkroad film

Alexandra Shipp, Paul Walter Hauser, and Jimmi Simpson are also among the cast. It is directed by Tiller Russler, who has directed movies like The Night Stalker and The last Narc. The story is based on “larger-than-life events” surrounding the website origins and the consequent criminal investigation.

Also is based on the 2014 Rolling Stone article Dead End on Silk Road: Internet Crime Kingpin Ross Ulbricht’s Big Fall by journalist David Kushner.

You can watch the Silkroad Market film trailer below!