DVRKO Enters 2021 Forcefully On ‘Don’t Save Me’ feat. Tyler Graves

Presenting his first single in 2021, DVRKO emerged with a momentous anthem titled ‘Don’t Save Me‘ featuring Tyler Graves. Using this track as an indicator for what to expect from the artist’s output, we can quickly conclude that he’s going to leave a mark this year. Throughout, it shines bright light on DVRKO’s talent, while simultaneously presenting Tyler at her best.

From the production down to the songwriting, everything about the release is grasping. Moreover, the story told is one that exudes a fragile touch and approach. Nonetheless, musically, the driving and powerful bass alongside the grooves brings forth vigor. Speaking on the track, the producer noted: “This one is for those who don’t deserve to be saved from the massacre.” Truly, that note is exemplified throughout ‘Don’t Save Me’.

Kicking off, the decadent and spacious vocals from Tyler Graves converge with weightless production. Going into the bridge, the mix opens up by proxy of the bass and pads. Onward, the chorus slams the kick and groove to another level creating an infectious tone that keeps our feet moving, yet delivering on the inertia of the track. Luckily, it keeps pushing forward impactfully, starkly highlighting the partaking artists’ talents.

Listen to DVRKO and Tyler Graves’ merger on ‘Don’t Save Me’, and watch the music video below!