Making his way back onto Eric Prydz‘ label, Pryda Presents, Christoph teamed up with Franky Wah and Artche to create ‘The World You See‘. All the aforementioned artists are currently generating their unique wave of sound for all to hear. Notably, all three artists have their distinct touch on the track, forming a seamless collaboration among tastemakers.

‘The World You See’ combines elegance with groove and drive. For instance, it brings together powerful melodies in terms of synth work alongside smoky yet airy vocals. Overall, it truly does bring together each artist’s particular sound to the forefront.

The record is not only supported but released through Eric Prydz himself via Pryda Presents. He’s known for pioneering and moving forward the progressive genre unlike any artist of his time. This isn’t to mention Eric’s live experience which is unmatched provided the variety he installs. Nonetheless, Prydz has been pushing Cristoph since his debut, and this only continues to build on that notion. Christoph makes it abundantly clear that he’s an artist of the future, so we’re only anticipating more output from him.

Listen to the merger of talent among Cristoph, Franky Wah, and Artche through ‘The World You See’ via Pryda Presents below!